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Stal Zegwaard in De Paardenkrant

Last Monday Kim Hennevelt of horse magazine “De Paardenkrant” arrived at Stal Zegwaard to take photos and write a business report about our stable. The complete article can be read in “De Paardenkrant” of August 31, 2012.
Here is a fragment of the interview:

“The smallest horses at Stal Zegwaard”
AMSTERDAM – The breeding farm of Stal Zegwaard in Rijswijk has about three hundred miniature horses, Falabella, American Miniature Horses, NMPRS, Bergmann and mini Shetland ponies. “We really have the smallest horses. Our breeding goal is, breeding a luxurious, healthy but small horse, says business leader Priscilla Nuijens. We are one of the first stables in the Netherlands who started importing mini-horses from Argentina and America and we began to breed with them. Zegwaard Stable is the largest breeding farm in the Netherlands and one of the largest farms in Europe.

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