Enter / twenter inspection great success for Stal Zegwaard!

On Saturday 30 June the enter / twenter inspection of the NMPRS took place in Bunschoten. We brought 8 mares.

The two fully American bred mares named Gummi Doll (sire Naughty Doll) and Golden Doll (sire Tutankhamun) both had a 1A premium and were allowed to go to the championship inspection. The super beautiful Star's Fay (sire Star) and our little Gorgeous but Naughty (sire Naughty Doll) were also at the top with a 1A premium and also deserved a ticket for the championship.
Gossip Girl (father Tutankhamun) and our 58 cm tall Greatest Champion (father Harm van de IJsselhof) had achieved a 1B premium.

As a stable we made great advertising because we had the most first premiums of the day!